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Rates are determined based on project need and can be billed hourly or by contract.

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Sarah McLane Byran


Phone: (808) 268-6680

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development


GIS data creation, implementation and Database Design, Construction and Maintenance/testing

Field data collection, GPS Data Development


Experienced field staff with multiple platforms (Garmin, Trimble and Tablet) can offer the newest technology and tools to get you where you need to go.

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Web Design & Infographics


Classic, business-ready design that will help tell your story in a unique and professional way, without too many words!


Grant writing & Administration


We can help you find the funds  and the administration protocols that can change the way you do business!


Project Development & Public Relations


We won't break your bank helping your figure out what you need! Offering free consultation meetings and development strategies that work the first time.


Data and Equipment Acquisition & Quality Control


Aerial imagery, vector and other raster datasets can be related to answer questions, aid research and develop new ideas.


System Integration & Organizational Therapy


We work with your employees to create a complete GIS system for the whole process, from the field to the computer to reports for your board or funders.


Outreach, Education and STEM


We love working with the public, schools and specialty programs, like after-school organizations. Taking STEM outside the classroom is our passion and developing programs that give hands-on GIS and STEM experiences is our dream job.


Employee Training & Continuing Support


We set you up to be self-sustaining, but we are always available for future support needs with on-call technical and managerial support.


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